Believe it or not, some information is still primarily available on microfilm. The library owns extended microfilm runs of the Peterborough Examiner and the Globe and Mail, as well as a few other local newspapers (past and present):

  • Globe and Mail, (1914 -1928; 1929 -1932; 1973 - present)
  • Northern Whig,(Belfast, Ireland) (no.3, 187, 1850)
  • Peterborough Dispatch ,(v. 10, no 2, January 1856)
  • Peterborough Chronicle, (v.3, no.12, May 27, 1845- v.3, no.46, Feb.3, 1846)
  • Peterborough Examiner, (1858 – present)
  • Peterborough Gazette, (v.1, no.1, August 15, 1845- v.3, no. 25, February 29, 1848)
  • Peterborough Morning Times, (v. 21, 1895- v.41, 1914)
  • Peterborough Review, (1854-1920) (in print: v.1, 1994- v.1, no.4, 1995)
  • Peterborough Sun, (v.1, no. 1, 1985- v.5, no. 40, 1990)
  • Peterborough This Week, (v.1 1989 – present)
  • Peterborough Times, (1872- 1884)
  • Peterborough Weekly Dispatch, (v. 1, no. 6, December 24, 1846- v. 6, no. 20 May 11, 1852; v. 6 no. 34 August 24, 1852)
  • Pinnacle, (April 6, 1986- June 7, 1988)

In addition, the library has a small collection of magazines on microfilm that may be pertinent to researchers:

  • Life Magazine, (v.1, 1936 – v. 73, 1972)
  • Maclean’s, (v. 59, 1946 – v. 118, 2004)

Many of these magazines and others are now available electronically through the library’s database collection, accessible through the web site with your library card. However, most of the articles available in these electronic collections date from the recent past (within the last 10 to 15 years). If you need assistance locating the magazine that you require, please inquire at the Information Desk. Staff is able to fulfill requests for older articles through the library’s Interlibrary Loan service.

The library also retains many census records for Peterborough County and surrounding counties. Inquire at the Information Desk for holdings details. Also available for consultation within the library is the Ancestry database that contains census records from Canada, the US and other countries.

The library has several microfilm and microfiche readers, and two reader-printers. There is no charge to use the machines, but we do charge $0.50 per page for printing. One of the machines is attached to a computer, to allow scanning and saving onto a USB flash drive. Demand for the microfilm scanner is sometimes high, so please be accommodating of other patrons and limit your use to 2 hours, or call the Information Desk (ext. 2340/2350) to alert us if you need more time.  If you haven’t used one of the machines lately (or ever!), please do not hesitate to ask Information Staff for assistance.