Library Code of Conduct

Our library is a unique gathering place for the promotion of literacy, life-long learning and the exchange of ideas. We welcome people of all ages and abilities. As a public library, we respect your individual rights, while recognizing that they must be balanced with the rights of others, including library staff and other library patrons.

To ensure a happy, healthy and safe environment for everyone in the library please:

• Follow the policies and procedures that have been developed for the fair and consistent delivery of our services.
• Directly supervise individuals in your care.
• Dress in a publicly acceptable manner, including both clothing and footwear.
• Advise library staff of inappropriate activity or violations of the Rules of Conduct that you witness.
• Be polite and civil to library staff and other patrons.

Thank-you for not:

• Damaging, stealing, and misusing any library, staff, or patron property.
• Engaging in any form of behaviour that is disruptive, or prevents other patrons from enjoying the library.
• Using library computers to access pornography, or other inappropriate sites.
• Possessing, be under the influence of, alcohol (except during licensed events) or controlled substances on library premises.
• Using electronic devices without earphones in a disruptive way inside the library.
• Soliciting, selling, or engaging in any illegal activity or unauthorized commercial activity.
• Taking library materials in the public washrooms, and/or using the washroom for bathing or washing clothes.
• Exhibiting personal hygiene which is offensive and/or a health risk to others.
• Bringing animals, other than assistive animals, into the library, or leaving animals unattended at library entrances.


Depending on the severity and frequency of the violation, the Library may:

• Request proof of identity
• Inspect your bags, briefcase, purses
• Request you to stop the inappropriate activity
• Take away relevant library privileges
• Fine you for repairs/ replacement costs
• Advise the appropriate authorities
• Pursue legal action
• Ban you from the library property
• Take other appropriate actions


Authority: Public Libraries Act, Trespass to Property Act, Criminal Code of Canada
June 1, 2015