DAISY Readers


A DAISY reader is a "Digital Accessible Information System," and is the standard for digital talking books.  DAISY books are typically used by people who have difficulty reading text due to blindness, impaired vision, and dyslexia. 

The DAISY format allows users to hear and navigate written material presented in an audible format.

We now have 3 DAISY Readers in our circulating collection for you to try out before making the investment to purchase one.  The borrowing time on one of our readers is 42 days. We have a sample collection of DAISY CDs for you to try, but CELA or CNIB also lends them out.

  • PleXTalk PTN2 DAISY Player
  • PleXTalk Pocket PTP1 Reader/Player
  • Victor Reader Classic X DAISY CD reader  

To borrow one of our readers please visit our Information Desk or you can check online to see if one is available first.  To search for our readers in the catalogue, try one of the following keyword titles:

  • Daisy reader
  • Daisy player
  • Digital talking book